Money & Banking Magazine and Thai bourse co-host SET Awards 2006;Klunying Jada Wattanasiritham of The Siam Commercial Bank was awarded 'Best CEO of the Year'

On July26,2006 H.E. Finance Minister Dr. Thanong Bidaya, Ph.D.,presided over the SET Awards ceremonies at the SET Building.The event has been co-hosted by Money & Banking Magazine and The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) to honor outstanding listed, securities and asset management companies, as well as the best CEO of the year.

Editor-in-Chief of Money & Banking Magazine, Mr. Santi Viriyarangsarit, disclosed that the SET Awards 2006 has six categories (containing 23 awards) for SET-listed companies; three categories (with three awards ) for Market for Alternative Investment (mai)-listed companies; two categories (with two awards ) for outstanding bonds and securities companies on Bond Electronic Exchange (BEX); two categories (containing six awards) for securities companies; one category (with four awards) for investment management companies; and an award for the best CEO of the year, making a total of 39 awards as follows:

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