Acquisition of Shares in Amata (Vietnam)

BackSep 16, 2005


September 15, 2005

The Stock Exchange of Thailand
62 Ratchadapisek Road,
Klongtoei, Bangkok 10110

Dear Sir,

Re. :  Acquisition of Shares in Amata (Vietnam)

The Board of Directors of Amata Corporation Public Company Limited at the
meeting No. 4/2005 held on September 15, 2005 approved the purchase of shares in
Amata (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.   The details are as  follows :-

1.The date on which the transaction occurred : About October 2005

2.The parties involved
                        Name                         Relationship
  Buyer : Amata Corporation PCL               : Listed Company
  Seller: Gypsum International Co., Ltd.      : No relation with listed company
          through the Receiver, Ministry
          of Justice

3.General characteristic of the transaction
  - Type of the transaction                   : Not a connected transaction or
                                                an acquisition of assets
  - Size of the transaction                   : 0.17% of NTA
  - Criteria of evaluating the size           : Net total asset value

4.Details of assets of the transaction
  - Issuer                                    : Amata (Vietnam) Co.,Ltd.
  - Business type                             : Developer industrial estate
  - Register capital (In Amata (Vietnam ),    : US$ 17 Million
  there is no par value and number of shares)
  - Paid up capital                           : US$ 17 Million
  - No. of shares purchased (Purchase all     : 0.70% of registered capital
  shares owned by Gypsum International)
  - Percentage before the purchase            : 60.08%
  - Percentage after the purchase             : 60.78%
  - Director of Amata (Vietnam)
    1. Mr. Vikrom Kromadit                        2.  Mr. Chira Panupong
    3. Mr. Vu Ngoc Tuy                            4.  Mr. Thomas H. Reese III
    5. Mr. Sombath Phanichewa                     6.  Mr. Huynh Ngoc Phien
    7. Ms. Nguyen Mai Anh                         8.  Mr. Charles Lewis Sims
    9. Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan                       10.  Mr. Boonsithi Chokwatana
  - Major shareholders of  Amata (Vietnam)
                       Name                           % of Shareholder
  Amata Corporation PCL.                      : 60.08%
  Sonadezi (Bien Hoa)                         : 30.00%

5.Total value of the consideration (Amount    : Baht 1,200,000
  paid by Amata to purchase all shares)

6.Total value of assets (Amount invested in   : US$ 120,000
  Amata (Vietnam) by Gypsum International)

7.Criteria used in fixing the purchase amount : Under negotiation between Buyer
                                                and Seller
8.Expected benefit to the listed company      : Dividend

9.Source of fund                              : Working capital

For your information.

Yours sincerely,

Pol.Gen.Chavalit Yodmani