Annual Dividend & Sets Date for Meeting of Shareholders Y'2006

BackMar 27, 2006

     March 24, 2006
     The Stock Exchange of Thailand
     62 Ratchadapisek Road,
     Klongtoei, Bangkok 10110
     Re. :  Annual Dividend Payment and Sets Date for Ordinary General
     Meeting of Shareholders for the Year 2006
     The Board of Directors of Amata Corporation Public Company Limited at a
     meeting No. 2/2006 held on March 24, 2006 at 11:00 hrs. passed  the
     following resolutions :
     1.That the annual dividend payment from the operating performance from
     January 1 to December 31, 2005  will pay 0.35 baht per share addition
     which 0.17 bath per share from BOI promoted activities and 0.18 bath
     per share from  non-BOI promoted activities and will be paid  to
     shareholders within May 26, 2006. The dividend of Baht 0.35 per share is
     an additional dividend payment following the interim dividend payment
     of Baht 0.30 per paid December 2005.The total dividend payment for the
     year ending on December 31, 2005 is Baht 0.65 per share make 64 percent
     of net profit for the year then ended.
     2.That an ordinary general meeting of shareholders for the year 2006
     should be held on April 28, 2006 from 14:00 15:30 the
     Conference Room 6th floor, Amata office, No 2126 Kromadit Bldg., New
     Petchburi Rd., Bangkapi, Huay Kwang, Bangkok 10320.
     3.That the date for closing the company share registration book for the
     right to attend the ordinary general meeting of shareholders will be on
     April 11, 2006 at 12:00 hrs. until the meeting is completed.
     4.Fix the date for closing the company share registration book for the
     right to receive the dividend on May 16, 2006 at 12.00 hrs.
     5.That the agenda for the meeting will :
     5.1 Certify the minutes of the  Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders
     for the Year 2005  held on April 29, 2005.
     5.2 Certify the company's annual report and the board of director's
     report for 2005.
     5.3 Consideration of the Company's balance sheet and the statements of
     profit & loss for the year ended December 31, 2005.
     5.4 Consideration of the retained earnings appropriated as a legal
     reserve and the distribution of dividend for the Year 2005.
     5.5 Consideration of the election of directors in place of those whose
     terms are to be expired, the appointment of new directors and fix
     directors' authority.
     5.6 Consideration of the remuneration for the Company's Directors.
     5.7 Consideration of the appointment of the Company's Auditor and the
     remuneration for the year 2006.
     5.8 Consideration of the amendment of the company's articles of
     association in the number of shares holding by foreign nationals.
     5.9 Other matters (if any).
     For your information.
     Yours sincerely,
     Pol.Gen.Chavalit Yodmani