Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders for the Year 2006

BackApr 28, 2006

Ref. No. 001/033/2006
    April 28, 2006
    The President
    The Stock Exchange of Thailand
    62 Ratchadapisek Road, Klongtoey
    BANGKOK 10110
    Dear Sir,
    Re : Report on the Resolutions of  the Ordinary General Meeting of
    Shareholders for the Year 2006
    The Company would like to report on the resolutions made at the ordinary
    general meeting of shareholders for the year 2006 held on April 28, 2006.
    The details of the resolutions are as follows:-
    1.Certify the Minutes of Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders for the
    Year 2005 held on April 29,2005.
    2.Acknowledge the Company's Annual Report and the Board of Director's
    Report for 2005.
    3.Approve the Company's Balance Sheet and the Statements of Profit & Loss
    for the Year ended December 31, 2005.
    4.Not to appropriate a legal reserve from   the net profit  of  2005 as
    the Company's legal reserve has reached  10% of the registered capital
    according to the public company acts and the Company's articles of
    association, and to pay a dividend at 0.35 baht per share from the
    operating performance from January 1 to December 31, 2005, out of  which
    0.17 bath per share from BOI promoted activities and 0.18 bath per share
    from  non-BOI promoted activities. The dividend of 0.35 baht per share is
    an additional dividend payment following the interim dividend payment of
    0.30  baht  per share paid December 2005. So the total dividend payment
    for the year ending  December 31, 2005 is   0.65 baht per share.    The
    dividend shall be paid within May 26, 2006.
    The share registration book for the right to receive the dividend will be
    closed on May 16, 2006 at 12:00 hrs.
    5.Consider and elect  directors in place of  those whose terms were
    expired and appoint a new director.
    5.1 The directors whose terms expired  :-
    (1) Police General Chavalit Yodmani   (3)  Mr. Chai  Sophonpanich
    (2) Mr. Chackchai  Panichapat         (4)  Mr. Thomas Hamlin Reese
    5.2 The directors being re-appointed  :-
    (1) Police General Chavalit Yodmani   (3)  Mr. Chai  Sophonpanich
    (2) Mr. Chackchai  Panichapat         (4)  Mr. Thomas Hamlin Reese
    5.3 The new director being appointed :-
        Mr. Viboon Kromadit
    The members of the new board of directors are :-
    1 Police General Chavalit Yodmani    2 Mr. Chira  Panupong
    3 Mr. Vikrom  Kromadit               4 General Yuthasak Sasiprapha
    5 Mr. Tetsushi  Ishizuka             6 Mr. Chai  Sophonpanich
    7 Mr. Wikrom  Soukavanitch           8 Mr. Chackchai  Panichapat
    9 Dr. Somchet  Thinaphong            10 Mr. Thomas Hamlin Reese
    11 Mr.  Staporn  Kavitanon           12 Mr. Noppun  Muangkote
    13 Mr. Viboon Kromadit2
    6.Pay the remuneration for the year 2006 to directors at the amount not
    exceed Baht 5,500,000.- (Baht Five Million and five hundred thousand only)
    per year. Any director being the Company's employee shall receive the
    director's remuneration in addition to his salary as employee. The
    foregoing resolutions shall remain in effect until a Shareholders Meeting
    resolves otherwise.
    7.Appoint Ernst & Young Office Limited by Mr. Narong Puntawong - CPA No.
    3315, or Mr. Supachai Phanyawattano - CPA No. 3930 or Ms. Siraporn
    Ouaanunkun - CPA No. 3844 as a Company's auditor for the year 2006,  and
    to approve the  remuneration for the year 2006 at Baht 1,400,000.- .
    8.Approve the amendment of the company's articles of association in the
    number of shares holding by foreign nationals from the limit of 30% to 49%
    of the issued and paid up capital.After the amendment, Clause 9 of the
    articles of association of the Company would read as follows :-
    The Company shares can be transferred freely. The number of share holding
    by foreign nationals must not exceed 49% of the issued and paid up share
    capital. The Company preserves the right to refuse the transfer, which
    will distort the shareholding ratio of the foreign national.
    For your information.
    Yours sincerely,
    Amata Corporation Public Company Limited
    Police General Chavalit  Yodmani