Increase of Registered Capital of Subsidiary Company

BackAug 15, 2006

Ref  No.  001/105/2006
      August 11, 2006
      The Stock Exchange of Thailand
      62 Ratchadapisek Road
      BANGKOK 10100
      Dear Sir,
      Re  :     Increase of Registered Capital of Amata Facility Services,
      Amata Summit Ready Built
      The Board of Directors of Amata Corporation Public Company
      Limited (Amata) at  a meeting No. 4/2006 dated August 11, 2006
      resolved to approve the capital increase in:-
      1) Amata Facility Services Company Limited, a subsidiary company
      in which  Amata holds 91% shares.  Amata Facility Services' main
      business is to provide maintenance services of common area in
      Amata Nakorn and Amata City Industrial Estate.  Its present
      registered capital is 1,000,000.- Baht.  The registered capital will be
      increased to 15,000,000.- Baht.  The fund will be used for
      construction of a new waste management transfer building.   The
      increased capital will  be  paid up by  end of September 2006.
      2) Amata Summit Ready Built Company Limited, a subsidiary
      company in which Amata holds 49% shares.  Amata Summit Ready
      Built's main business is to construct ready-built factories for lease
      and sell in Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate.  At present, Amata
      Summit Ready Built has a registered capital of 100,000,000.- Baht,
      and will increase its registered capital to 200,000,000.- Baht.  The
      fund will be used for its business expansion.  It is expected that the
      capital paid up will be ready by end of September 2006.
      The capital paid up by Amata for the above will be total 61.74 million
      Baht.  The size of  this transaction  is 0.74% which is not a connected
      transaction or an acquisition of assets.
      For your information.
      Yours sincerely,
      Pol. Gen. Chavalit Yodmani